Jour : 24 juin 2018

Revue de presse du 24 juin 2018

Revue de presse

Badger (Emily), Cain Miller (Claire), « Americans Love Families. American Policies Don’t », The New York Times, 24 juin 2018. Article archivé au format PDF (91 Ko, 3 p.). Pailhé (Ariane), Solaz (Anne), Tô (Maxime), « Can Daddies Learn How to Change Nappies? Evidence from a Short Paternity Leave Policy », Documents de travail (Institut national d’études démographiques), nº 240, 24 juin 2018. Les […]

Next President of the Family Division, The Rt Hon Lord Justice McFarlane delivers a keynote address to Families Need Fathers Scotland

Families need fathers

Families Need Fathers Press Release Some 100 delegates concurred that their presence signified that family justice had “fallen short” and continued to be “depressing”. Sir Andrew stressed the importance of fact finding where contested allegations are made and the importance of avoiding delay that prevents the making of arrangements that meet children’s welfare needs. Allegations of […]